At A&E Distributors we are all about giving a first-class personal service to clients. We are proud to have been supplying local shops and retail outlets for over 30 years!

Of course, we fully understand that every shop or outlet is different, and therefore we try and tailor our services around your requirements, and we would be delighted to talk this over with you if you are interested in hearing what we have to offer.

We usually have two primary service levels available, and these are:

Fully Managed Service 

Our fully managed service is where we started 25 years ago and is the very best, personal service, we can offer. With this level of service we do the following for you:

Once a week or fortnightly we will visit your shop to check your stock levels and calculate what you are going to need to see you through to our next visit. We use a computer system specially designed for us that shows us the last four weeks worth of sales history, and from this data, we can calculate your requirements.

We will then go away and assemble your order back at our distribution unit.

We then return to your shop or outlet a couple of days later and will restock your shelves and leave you with any excess stock to put out later.

We will price up items according to your pricing or our RRP. We can also provide retail stands and display units with individual offer cards and shelf talkers.

We will then make sure you are happy and present our invoice for you to pay by cash or credit/debit card. We can also offer credit accounts if required (subject to status and application).

Of course, some times you might run out of items before our next visit, this is never an issue, and all you need to do is call, email or use our online ordering system, and we will ship/deliver you more items.

With this option, we try to take care of everything for you so you can carry on serving your customers. You are importantly saving time and money!

Self Service Option

Our self-service option is for clients that are either out of the local area or are happy to receive the orders they order by next day delivery. Clients would use our simple online ordering system from the convenience of your computer, laptop or mobile device. We can even set it up so you can scan a QR code and then tap on the items they would like to order.

If you do not have a credit account with us, we will then send you a proforma invoice so you can make payment to us.

Once you have completed your order and if required we have received payment; we will assemble it and dispatch for delivery the next working day.

It is challenging to offer a very personal service via a website; however, you can trust that if anything is not right or if you would like to chat to us about our ever-growing product range or different promotions we have running, our team would always be delighted to hear from you.

Need something different?

As we said earlier, we fully appreciate that not one size fits all and therefore if you require something a bit different we would be delighted to hear from you.

Display & Point of Sale Stands - FREE OF CHARGE!!

As a customer of A&E Distributors, we can provide you with display & point of sale stands completely free of charge!! To be fair to us we simply ask that you only use them for our products.